Workday Adaptive Planning Implementation

Workday Adaptive Planning

What Is Workday Adaptive Planning?

Workday Adaptive Planning is a cloud solution for planning, forecasting, reporting, financial consolidation, dashboards, modeling, analysis, and collaboration. 

How Will it Be Implemented?

Improving upon our existing Workday system, our Adaptive Planning implementation goals are to:


Enhance transparency of the new budget model leveraging Workday


Facilitate multi-year planning within Workday Adaptive



Simplify the process of financial data analysis leveraging core financial system​

Unify user experience of budget planning process leveraging Workday​



August 2023 Dashboards and reports
  • Evaluate organizational performance
  • Enhance data driven decision making
November 2023 – January 2024 New Expense Request Form (NERF) – via Fusion
  • Capitalize upon robust workflow capbility in Fusion
  • Save time
  • Reduce spreadsheet use and distribution
  • Increase transparency
  • Maximize reporting capabilities in Workday Adaptive Planning
February 2024 Updated Dashboards and reports
  • Evaluate organizational performance
  • Enhance data driven decision making
Summer 2024

Bottom-up Budgeting

  • Accommodates scenario analysis
  • Generates base for In-Year Forecasting
Summer 2024

Personnel Planning

  • Analyze, forecast and plan workforce supply / demand 
  • Assess workforce gaps


What’s In It For Me?

Dashboards Interactive visualizations and charts
Integrations Save time and improve accuracy with automated data loads
Single Source of Truth Improve accuracy and replace gap systems

Workday Adaptive will allow more opportunities to collaboratively plan and model across multiple scenarios, variables, and dimensions.

Jamie Fernandes

Executive Director, Institute Budget Planning and Administration

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Budget Reform Timeline

Adaptive Planning Capabilities

Excel for Planning

Easily downloaded into Excel for planning, reporting and creation of customized charts and graphs.  

Consolidated Reporting

Allows you to map various hierarchies into a single source of truth.

Excel-Like Formulas

Sheets allows user to save and edit and delete values, edit check boxes and dates and save data similar to Excel.


Dashboards provide real-time visibility to analyze key drivers 

Driver-Based Planning

Business forecasts driven by key drivers i.e., enrollment to derive revenue.

Scenario-Based Modeling

Using a combination of versions and modeled sheets.

Integrated Planning

Adaptive has quite a versatile and easy to connect integration platform.

Rolling Forecasts

Forecast turnaround time will be reduced significantly.

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